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Easy Text Messaging
for Governments


Create & Manage
Recipient Lists

Import and modify recipient lists manually or through automated integrations. Create multiple lists and update them over time.

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Schedule Text Notifications

Select from lists of recipient and messages as well as dates and times to easily create and send text message notifications.

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Review Message &
Message Response Data

Easily understand amounts and dates of past messages. View response metrics to measure the success of your outreach.

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San Francisco, CA

Originally built for the County of San Francisco Human Services Agency, Promptly texts recipients about upcoming due dates, terminations, and other information clients need to be aware of. Promptly was the first text messaging app in the US built for use by human services agencies.

“Our City strives for strong, healthy communities that can participate in a prosperous economy. Promptly helps us achieve this by enabling beneficiaries of programs like CalFresh to keep food on the table for their families.”

Ed Lee
Mayor, San Francisco, Salim Virji; CC by 2.0

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