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Open records

Next-gen open government

Eliminate duplicate requests. Anyone ‐ requestor, agency, community member ‐ can review current or past requests by keyword, status or department.

review requests
track requests

Manage responses

Streamline the response

Reduce the time spent on requests. Staff can respond to requests through a simple interface - allowing them to respond quickly with relevant information.

Measure response

Better allocate resources and effort.

Review response data for easy management. See total requests as well as average response time by department.

track requests
track requests

Track and trace requests

Reduce fines from late responses

Track dates, requester, government point of contact, and correspondence. Sign up to receive email updates about a specific request.

Make requests online

Digitize and streamline from the start

Individuals can make requests directed at specific departments and leave their contact information for follow up.


Oakland, CA

RecordTrac has helped the City of Oakland process over 2,000 public requests across all city departments in its first year of use. It also helped the City save hundreds of thousands of dollars compared with their previous solution.

“The RecordTrac application is so much better than the cumbersome old system, it's really a tremendous difference. It saves me time, mostly from the far more nimble interface... the public end-users also find it much easier to work with.”

Jim Bondi
City of Oakland

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source:flickr.com, eoringle; CC by 2.0

"Civic App of the Year (2013)"

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"...goals have included increasing efficiency and becoming more transparent and RecordTrac does both."

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"'It's access to information.'"

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"[RecordTrac] addresses citizens’ expectations of a government that responds quickly to their needs."

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